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Threading the machine & inserting the bobbin case

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In this video you will learn how to thread a sewing machine and insert the bobbin case.

By turning the balance wheel towards you, raise the thread-take-up-lever to its highest position.

Raise the presser foot using the presser foot lifter.

Unlock the spool pin.

Take the spool of thread and insert it into the spool pin on top of the machine.

Lock the spool pin to prevent the spool of thread from falling.

Here, a pink thread has been chosen to be the upper or primary thread.

Pull the thread and pass it through the upper most hole of the arm-thread-guide.

Pass it through the upper most hole.

Take the thread and pass it around the-thread-tension-unit, between the tension-disk, as shown.

Pull the thread to see if it is properly adjusted, as shown here.

Next, pull the thread up and pass it through the thread-take-up-lever.

Take the thread and pass it through the Face-plate-thread-guide.

Now take the thread down and pass it through the needle-bar-thread-guide.

Cut a little part of the thread

Cut the thread with a trimmer or scissors.

to make it easier to pass it through the eye of the needle.

Pass the thread through the eye of the needle from the left to the right.

Take the bobbin around which the thread is wound and place it in the bobbin case.

Hold the thread hanging out and pull it into the bobbin case slot.

Pass it through the tension spring and into the delivery eye in the bobbin case.

Allow 10 cms of thread to hang out of the case.

Here the yellow thread has been chosen as the lower or secondary thread.

The bobbin case will be inserted in the bobbin hook, which is situated below the sewing machine, under the table.

Feel the bobbin hook, and insert the bobbin case in it .

A slight sound confirms

You must hear a slight sound when inserted

that the case has been correctly inserted in the bobbin hook.

Lower the presser foot using the presser foot lifter.

And lower the needle by rotating the balance wheel towards you, the upper needle along with the upper thread will go down and will get the lower thread back up.

Contrasting colours of pink and yellow have been chosen for better understanding.

Pass the thread below the presser foot and pull it away from you.

You have now learned to thread your sewing machine.


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