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How to Stitch Capris: 3/3 Trimming

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In this video you will learn how to add trimmings to Capris.

A trim or trimming may refer to any decorative addition to a garment, such as lace, fringe, ribbon or cording.

Remember: the casing and the primary stitches were covered in the previous videos.

Take the unused fabric leftover from cutting the main pattern.

A strip of this material will be folded, sewn over and attached as trimming to the Capris, in the style of ribbons.

Use a piece of chalk and a measuring tape to mark out a section of the fabric that is 20 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Length = 20 inches Width = 1 inch

Draw a line along the length of the section with the help of a ruler, and cut the strip along the outline.

Create a double fold with the raw edge, as shown, and set a crease to establish the fold.

Position one end of the fold under the needle and start stitching along the entire length.

Keep adjusting the fold in place as you proceed.

Cut it down to two equal strips and straighten the uneven tips at either end.

Fold the first strip to make a bow, as shown.

Position the bow on the leg and hold it flat under the needle.

Stitch to and fro to attach the bow in place.

Make a bow with the second strip and stitch it onto the second leg at the same point as the first bow.

Go ahead and try on your garment.

You have now learnt how to make a pair of Capris.


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