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How to Make a Pattern for a Tablet Sleeve

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In this video you will learn how to make the pattern for a tablet sleeve.

For reference, we have used a readymade tablet sleeve meant for a device with an 8 inch screen, when measured diagonally.

We shall prepare a bi-colour, quilted tablet sleeve with a layer of protective padding on the inside and bound edges.

To make a pattern, you will need: A pattern sheet A marker A measuring tape A ruler And a pair of scissors If you have a readymade piece that fits your device, you may use it as a reference.

1. Taking measurement.

We shall begin by taking measurements.

Start by measuring the front panel of the sleeve, as shown.

Note that the measurements for the tablet sleeve will be half an inch more than that of the tablet.

The height of the front panel, illustrated as A, is 8.5 inches.

We shall now measure the length of the back panel, which is essentially the length of the sleeve with the flap open.

The height of the back panel, illustrated as Y, is 11.5 inches.

Now, measure the width of the sleeve.

If you are using your device for reference, don’t forget to add an extra half inch, at the least, for flexibility.

The width of the sleeve, illustrated as X, is 6.5 inches.

We shall now mark these measurements on the pattern sheet and establish a seam allowance all around the sleeve.

2 - Making the pattern.

To do this, place the reference tablet sleeve on the pattern sheet, 1 inch from the edge, as shown.

Now, mark a series of 1 inch points around the tablet sleeve for guidance.

Mark two points close to the edge of the sleeve, to keep track of its position before removing it.

Connect the marked points using a ruler.

Don’t forget to draw the edge of the front panel to mark the flap that closes the sleeve.

You may now cut the pattern sheet along the entire outline, as shown.

Next, we shall draw an arc to define the shape of the flap.

Fold the pattern into half along its width.

Draw an arc from the top corner of the fold to the opposite corner of the flap, as shown.

Cut the pattern along the drawn arc.

Open out the pattern and make a fold along the base of the flap.

Place the reference sleeve on the pattern to ensure that the measurements are accurate.

Adapt the proportions according to the desired size.

You have now learnt to make a pattern for a tablet sleeve.

Watch the next video to learn how to cut fabric for a tablet sleeve.


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