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Stitching a garment: part 8: how to stitch

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In this video you will learn the basics of stitching a garment.

Remember that all the preparation work was done in the previous videos leading up to this one.

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Stitching a Garment

Part 1 to 7

This tutorial can be split into three differents steps.

Stitching the Hem

Step 1: Stitching the Hem

Take the front cut of the pillow cover and spread it on the table.

We will start with giving shape to the hem.

For this, make a first fold along the notches.

Then, turn again on the inside to make another fold.

This double fold will give a better and stronger finish to the hem.

Pin this fold.

The process for the back cut of the pillow cover will be the same.

Make a first fold along the notches.

Fold again on the first fold.

Now, you can stitch the bottom hem fold for both the front and back cut.

For more training, see the video “How to make proper stitches”.

See the video

How to Make Proper Stitches

Don’t forget to remove the pins as you stitch ahead.

Make sure that the seam is as close as possible to the border of the hem.

We have chosen here a thread which will contrast with the colour of the cloth for a better understanding. Otherwise we prefer a thread with a colour similar to the cloth so that the stitches don't strike out.

2. Making sides

Step 2: Making the Sides

Take the front cut and lay it on the table with the hem fold facing below.

Then place the back cut on it with its hem fold facing upwards.

Fold the front side cut along the flap length notches, onto the backside cut as shown.

Now pin the the front cut to the back cut starting from one side of the flap fold, all along the edge to the other flap fold, as shown.

Do the same on the other side.

Keep one corner of the flap fold of the pillow cover under the needle and start stitching along the pins.

Slow down when you reach a corner.

You will have to raise the presser-foot of your machine before turning the fabric in the direction required.

Note: The needle should remain inserted into the cloth so that you can continue stitching from the same point you had stopped.

Once your cloth is turned, lower the presser-foot and continue stitching.

After that, reverse stitch at the bottom for a better maintenance.

3. Finishing

Now you are ready for giving the Finish.

Start by snipping off a little piece of fabric at the corners as shown.

Turn the pillow cover inside out.

Note that the front flap is now partially under the back cut.

Poke the corners out from inside.

Push all the corners out.

Start stitching from one corner of the upper edge of the flap.

Stitch one inch inside from the border.

1” inside

Stitch all the four sides of the pillow cover.

When you reach the starting point again don’t forget to double stitch.

You have now learned to stitch a basic garment.


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