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How to Cut a Skirt: 1/3 The Inner Layer

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In this video series, you will learn how to make a full-length skirt with a layer of basic cotton fabric underneath and a single overlay made of tulle.

The length of material along the width of the skirt will be gathered and sewn onto a waistband.

The elastic in the casing of the waistband will create additional gathers, giving the skirt a flowing look.

To cut material, you will need: A sheet of fabric A sheet of tulle A measuring tape A ruler A piece of chalk A pair of scissors And a strip of elastic .

The following method of making a skirt does not require a pattern.

You may therefore begin directly by cutting fabric for the inner layer.

We shall make a skirt for a 30 inch waistline, which you can adapt to any size.

Start by folding a sheet of fabric on the table so that the overlapping area measures a length of 40 inches.

Length = 40 inches .

This will define the waist to hem length of the garment.

Cut the fabric along the fold so that you are left with two sheets measuring 40 inches in length.

Note that we have used the entire 35 inches between the selvages for the width of the skirt.

35 inches width .

The extra length will be gathered and sewn onto the waistband.

The two layers will form the front and back pieces of the skirt, which will be joined together at the side seams.

You have now learnt how to cut fabric to make the inner layer of a skirt.

To learn how to cut material for the overlay, watch the next video.


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