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How to Cut an A-Line Frock: 2/3 The Facing

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In this video you will learn to cut facing for the neckline of an A-Line Frock.

A facing is a separate piece of fabric that is stitched along the outer edge of a garment and folded over to conceal a raw edge, provide contrast or for strength.

It is usually applied on the neckline and armhole, and is cut in the same shape as the opening.

To learn how to cut the front and back pieces of an A-Line Frock, watch the previous video.

Take the back piece of the garment, fold it in half along its width and place it on the table.

Now, take a piece of leftover fabric, big enough to cover the neck and place it on top of the back piece, aligning the top edges and folds together.

The folded facing fabric should be wide enough to cover the neckline.

We shall now mark the depth of the neckline slit on the back piece.

Along the fold of the back piece, mark a point 3 inches down from the bottom edge of the neckline.

Transfer the same point onto facing fabric, as shown.

Use a pair of scissors to cut a slit along the fold of the back piece, from the bottom edge of the neckline to the marked point, as shown.

Now, cut a slit along the fold of the facing fabric from the top edge to the marked point.

We shall now draw an arc from the top end of the outside edge to the end of the slit on the facing fabric.

This arc is deeper than the neckline of the back piece.

Now, mark a point along the fold of the facing fabric an inch below the end of the slit.

Draw a second arc from this point that runs parallel to the first arc, as shown.

Now, cut the facing fabric along the second arc.

You may also cut any extra fabric and frayed edges.

Place the facing fabric under the back piece, aligning together the top edges and the folded sides of both pieces.

We shall now trace the curve of the neckline onto the facing fabric.

Holding both the pieces in position, draw the outline of the neckline on the facing fabric.

Cut the facing fabric along the outline of the neckline.

You may now open the back piece and place the facing on top of it to see if the common edges are aligned.

You have now learned how to cut a facing for the neckline.

To learn how to cut bias tape for the binding, watch the next video.


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