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How to Stitch a Skirt: 3/4 The Gatherings

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In this video you will learn how to gather and stitch a skirt onto a waistband.

Watch the previous video to learn how to stitch the Tulle Overlay.

Open out the two pieces of fabric made for the waistband and place them on the table one on top of the other.

Place the raw vertical edges aligned together under the needle, and make a reverse stitch half an inch from the corner.

Stitch to the other end of the side, making another reverse stitch before cutting the thread.

Now, do the same along the opposite side.

The waistband pieces have now been joined together at their side seems.

Turn out the right side of the waistband piece and place it below the top edge of the skirt, as shown.

Align the side seams together and pin them in place.

Now, gather a small fold about 3 inches from the seam and pin it down in position.

Continue doing this at the same regular intervals, making sure that the opposite seams are aligned as well.

Proceed to pin down gathers all around the waistband.

The two layers should be gathered down to the same circumference as the waistband.

Now, place the pinned edges under the needle and start stitching the gathers down onto the waistband.

Keep removing the pins as they approach the needle.

Keep stitching till you cross the starting point, where you can trail the stitch off the edge and and cut the thread.

Make sure you have made consistent stitches and uniform gathers.

You have now learnt how to gather and stitch a skirt onto a waistband.

Watch the next video to learn how to stitch the casing for the elastic strip and finish your garment.


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