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Tips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - Sikana
Tips for Safer Cycling
15 videos
31 min

In this educational video program, you will learn tips on how to keep both you and your bike safe and secure when cycling in an urban environment. The techniques shown in the videos contain valuable information for any person wanting to learn how to cycle safely through areas where there is regular traffic, but they are also useful for beginner cyclists who want to master the basics of their bike before hitting the road. Injuries sustained from cycling in urban areas are numerous and sometimes fatal. This program aims to combat this issue by raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the safe practices when cycling through busy streets. Follow the advice we set out in the videos to cycle safely, and to keep your bike safe and running properly too. Cycling in the city needn’t be a daunting experience; there are countless benefits to cycling regularly: it has a low impact on the environment, is great for the cardiovascular and muscular development; boosts your mood and lowers stress; and it gives you increased mobility and independence. The program is split into three chapters detailing tips on; what to do before you ride; how to use your bike properly; and how to keep both bike and rider safe. The program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon. The videos were conceived with the expert guidance of Guillaume Guerard, a qualified cycling instructor and life-long bike enthusiast. We hope that more people will see the virtues of cycling as a mode of urban transport. Enjoy your ride!

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How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike - SikanaHow to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike - SikanaHow to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike - SikanaHow to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike - Sikana
How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike
4 videos
7 min

This free, educational video program has been carefully crafted to give you useful tips when teaching a child to ride a bike. Learning how to ride a bike is one of the defining moments of childhood. It helps the child develop their coordination and spatial awareness, and sets them on the path to becoming a more independent young adult. We believe that, whatever the age you learn it at, cycling is an essential skill, and once you do learned, is itnever really forgetten. In this video program we will break down the learning process into several manageable steps. Only move on to the next one, once the child has comfortably mastered the skills demonstrated in the previous video. They are targeted at children and the parents, guardians or adults who may wish to teach them how to ride in a safe and speedy manner. This video may also serve as a valuable resorce for school teachers or cycling instructors. The program was created thanks to the support of Deacthlon. The videos were conceived with the expert guidance of Guillaume Guerard, a qualified cycling instructor and life-long bike enthusiast whose advice and pedagogical tips were invaluable. He works teaching children how to cycle safely and reponsibly every day. This program comprises five videos which are broken down into the basics elements of cycling, which are: Scooting, Balancing, Pedalling, and finally some really useful training drills and learning games to help consolidate the previous steps. Cycling a great sport. It can be used as a primary mode of transport or simply for recreational and sporting purposes. It has an extremely low environmental impact and helps people to lead a more independent and mobile life. Teaching a child to ride a bike is an incredibly rewarding experience which stays with both teacher and student forever. If you have any comments or feedback on the exericses shown in these videos, then please feel free to write to us in the comments section of each video, we'd love to hear back from you. Enjoy your ride!

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Road Cycling for Beginners - SikanaRoad Cycling for Beginners - SikanaRoad Cycling for Beginners - SikanaRoad Cycling for Beginners - Sikana
Road Cycling for Beginners
13 videos
26 min

This free video program has been designed to teach you the basics of road cycling. It aims to demonstrate the key elements of this popular, yet physically demanding sport in the hopes of making it accessible to a greater number of people. Road cycling is an excellent way of inscreasing one's fitness and muscular strength. Rides are also often very social events and there are now amateur road cycling clubs all over the world. The tips and techniques outlined in these videos are targeted at beginner-level cyclists or complete newcomers to the sport wishing to deepen their knowledge of the basics. The program was created thanks to the support of Deacthlon. The videos were conceived with the expert guidance of Guillaume Guerard, a qualified cycling instructor and life-long bike enthusiast. The program has been structured into four chapters on: the necessary pre-ride checks and equipment; learning how to correctly master the different componetns of the bike itself; how to improve your riding technique; and essential road cycling tips. The sport of road cycling has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent decades. This program shows you that it is a sport which can be practiced by almost anyone, anywhere. Remember that this is probably one of the most demanding cycling sports, so improving will take hard work and plenty of effort, but the results are definitely worth it. Road cycling is a great way to stay in shape, build strength and to make friends. Cycle safe and enjoy your ride!

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How to Build Animal Shelters for Your Garden - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters for Your Garden - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters for Your Garden - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters for Your Garden - Sikana
How to Build Animal Shelters for Your Garden
5 videos
15 min

In this programme, you will learn how to invite biodiversity into your home through a series of projects that will teach you how to build and prepare several different animal shelters and feeders for birds and small animals. These videos will show you how you can have fun creating a range of projects to protect, house and feed birds, and much more! You will also learn the characteristics of certain animal species and discover how you can take active steps to protect their ecosystem. You're never too old to care about the environment, but even so, children and teenagers alike will enjoy building projects that will help protect and conserve the natural environment around them. These practical video tutorials are simple and accessible to all, so the whole family can get involved! The most demanding techniques in the projects involve cutting wooden planks and using nails. As such, these animal shelters provide the perfect opportunity to create, discover and conserve as a family. Whatever your age, be sure to take care when using and handling tools. This programme has been created in partnership with the Bird Protection Association. The expertise of its members stems from the organisation's commitment to protecting and conserving wildlife for over a century. There are three main themes running through the programme: understanding biodiversity, building birdhouses and other animal shelters, then finally, helping birds to feed during colder periods. Each video is made up of three steps. Firstly, we will specify the materials and tools needed for the project. Next, we explain the technique for building and assembling the project. Finally, we will show you how to install your project at home so that it is best suited to the needs of the bird or animal. By installing birdhouses, shelters and feeders around you, you will be helping to conserve wildlife species and promote biodiversity in your home environment. Taking steps to boost biodiversity around you will be helping the bigger picture, especially that of the ecosystem linking humans, animals and plants.

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How to Be a Woodworker - Sikana How to Be a Woodworker - Sikana How to Be a Woodworker - Sikana How to Be a Woodworker - Sikana
How to Be a Woodworker
80 videos
313 min

In this educational video program, you will learn some essential skills to help you become a skilled woodworker. The key aim of this program is to help individuals develop the unique skillset required for woodworking and carpentry. It has been structured with the goal of opening up professional opportunities, by helping people to acquire useful skills which can help them find employment. It is also a program suitable for anyone interested in learning more about woodwork irrespective of their prior experience level.The introduction to tools and techniques, along with step-by-step projects, will provide a basic foundation to get you started in the field. The information and instructions contained in this video series are meant to provide beginners with a basic introduction to the techniques and skills required in woodworking. It has been split into the following categories: introduction to woodworking, marking tools, measuring tools, saws, planing and shaving tools, hammers and mallets, chisels, rasp and file, drills, screwdrivers, finishing, clamps and vice, joinery, power tools, making simple tools, and projects. Woodworking involves design, planning and layout, and execution with hands-on proficiency. The woodworker will always find his problem-solving skills being challenged, but the satisfaction of crafting useful objects for people is hugely rewarding. The abstract thinking and physical coordination required for woodworking makes it an ideal field for those in pursuit of discipline and excellence from work that bears practical results. Welcome to the world of woodworking!

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Electricity for Everyone: Basic Lessons - SikanaElectricity for Everyone: Basic Lessons - SikanaElectricity for Everyone: Basic Lessons - SikanaElectricity for Everyone: Basic Lessons - Sikana
Electricity for Everyone: Basic Lessons
26 videos
76 min

In this ‘Electricity for Everyone’ program, you will discover practical lessons to help you install electricity in your own home. In each video, we will give you a lesson covering a different topic, introducing a range of different subjects over the course of the program, including electrical boards, lighting and circuits. It’s up to you to decide which of these videos interests you most, and what may help you most in setting up your electrical installation at home. These lessons are suitable for beginners to the principles of electricity and basic circuitry, so you don’t have to worry about having any previous training! The program can also be used as a teaching aid by trained electricians so that may pass on their valuable electrical knowhow to the people who need it the most - particularly in the developing world and areas where access to electricity is unstable. Over the course of the program, you will learn about the risks of installing electricity and how to avoid them, as well as how to save energy and how to get the most out of your electrical household appliances. This program was created in collaboration with volunteers from the charity Electriciens Sans Frontières (Electricians Without Borders). The installation of electricity networks is essential for social and economic development. It means that the important buildings in the community such as schools and hospitals can run; it also makes roads safer and can even be used to give people access to clean drinking water.

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Gentle Exercise for Older Adults - SikanaGentle Exercise for Older Adults - SikanaGentle Exercise for Older Adults - SikanaGentle Exercise for Older Adults - Sikana
Gentle Exercise for Older Adults
46 videos
113 min

In this free video program, you will discover over 50 enjoyable exercises to improve the overall health of older adults. The program is targeted specifically at older people and was made in partnership with the SIEL Bleu association who work to promote increased level of activity into later life. Each video offers a different exercise. Pick and choose which exercise you’d like to try to target a particular muscle group or activity. The program has chapters structured to help you work on: warming up and stretching; improving joint flexibility; exercises for building your strength; cardio workouts to keep you fit; training to work on your balance; warming down and good everyday habits you can adopt to avoid injury. We have also included some videos which you can try out with a partner – be they a carer or a member of your family – try them out and have fun! The program is adapted to beginner-level persons and you can make the sessions longer and more difficult with time as your overall fitness and strength improve. Before beginning the program, be sure to check with your doctor that you are not putting yourself at any risk of injury by doing so. The program was made with the expert collaboration of sports coaches who specialise in physical activity for older persons. Before beginning any of the exercises we recommend that you start off with the warm up sessions found in the first chapter of the program and finish off by stretching and warming down using the videos found in chapter 6 of the program. Regular physical activity, even at an older age, can keep both body and mind fit and fight against sedentarism, and lead a healthy, autonomous life. Enjoy your session!

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Learn About Hiking - SikanaLearn About Hiking - SikanaLearn About Hiking - SikanaLearn About Hiking - Sikana
Learn About Hiking
51 videos
99 min

Discover over 50 videos containing advice on how to hike well and safely. Starting from the basics of navigation, this hiking program will teach you how to use a map and a compass to get your bearings; you will then learn how to plan your trek; decide on the hiking gear and equipment you will need on the trail; how to respond in case of unforseen problems; how to to clean and care for your backpacking equipment after a hike; and finally, how to stretch and cool down the muscles after a long hiking session. This program was developed with expert professional mountain guide Xavier Gadat who lent his expertise on the program to you discover or improve at this sporting activity, which is regardly as widely accessible since it can be done virtually anywhere. Be sure to the follow the chapters in order for a full learning experience - the program has been especially adapted for newcomers to the sport of hiking, although more experience hikers simply looking for a few extra backpacking tips and tricks may wish to pick and choose from the videos they find the most relevant. Remember to take care of your body, especially your feet, after a long hike. Take the relevant safety precautions we outline in our videos and most of all, have fun! Hiking, backpacking, trekking - call it what you will - is a great way to get outdoors and to be in and amongst the beauty nature, giving a feeling of total freedom and self-reliance. It also gives the hiker the chance to revel in the delight of pushing their body to new limits and can be enjoyed alone on solo expeditions or with friends as part of a group. Happy hiking!

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How To Play Football - SikanaHow To Play Football - SikanaHow To Play Football - SikanaHow To Play Football - Sikana
How To Play Football
46 videos
86 min

Thanks to this video program, you can discover all the techniques and tips necessary to learn how to be better at playing football. Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced player looking to brush up on the essentials, this program was developed for you! It was created in collaboration with a former professional football player, now works as a football coach. In order to give you a complete presentation of the basic elements of football, we recommend that you begin with the very first video which gives you a quick presentation of the rules of the game. Then follow the videos in their order to get a more rounded learning experience. Once you’ve grasped the techniques shown in each video, you can find some excellent training exercises and drills at the end of the program, to help you practice and put all the techniques together gradually. These are also an excellent teaching resources for football coaches. Our program will mean you’ll have all the skills you need at your feet in order to become a good attacker, a solid defender, and an unbeatable goalkeeper! Beyond the numerous health and physical benefits attributed to a sport such as football, it also is a great way of teaching respect and conveying important values, such as team-spiritedness. It’s one of the most popular games in the world and is a shared interest that can unite people from all walks of life. Football, also called soccer, is incredibly accessible and requires minimal equipment to get started. David Duquesnoy, our expert, as well as many other charities and foundations, channel these very positive attributes of football to combat social exclusion. Enjoy your game!

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Recycling Pallets - SikanaRecycling Pallets - SikanaRecycling Pallets - SikanaRecycling Pallets - Sikana
Recycling Pallets
35 videos
108 min

Build your own sustainable and trendy furniture out of wood and recycled pallets. Over 30 ideas to try out home with little equipment needed. Each video presents a new DIY upcycling project to inspire to creating something new out of something old. The Upcycling Wooden Pallets program is broken down into chapters each containing videos on DIY projects for the home both inside and out. Working with wood and repurposing pallets is easy, cheap and environmentally-friendly since it reduces waste, so rest assured that you won't need to be a woodworking expert to try out these simple tutorials! Nevertheless, we recommend that you start off with the easier projects if you are new to DIY and woodworking in general, before moving on to the more complex projects. Beware that working with wood requires the use of tools which are often heavy or sharp so exercise caution when handling them and always make sure that you have the appropriate personal protective gear, notable work gloves, eye masks to protect you from splinters and a face mask - especially when using chemical products. Work in an uncluttered, well-lit, well-ventilated environment and keep young children well away from tools or unfinished projects. The program is structured into three main parts: preparing your wooden pallet, learning how to give old wood a new lease of life, and finally making furniture and other household items. Before attempting a project, make sure that you have the tools and materials you will need which are given at the start of each video. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get creating!

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