Furniture Restoration - SikanaFurniture Restoration - SikanaFurniture Restoration - Sikana
Furniture Restoration - SikanaFurniture Restoration - SikanaFurniture Restoration - Sikana
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Founded more than 60 years ago, the Emmaus Movement in France comprises more than 284 communites.
These are welcome centres where people can live and work together in solidarity, and operate on a self-sustainable model which requires no additional grants or subsidies. Emmaus collects some 65,000 tonnes of furniture every year which they then work to sort, repair, refurbish and resell. This enterprise alone, which is a substantial source of Emmaus' income, gives all its companions a job, new skills to learn and hone and a sense of purpose and community. Emmaus kindly leant a team, a workshop and, above all, it's expertise regarding the repurposing and refurbishing of furniture towards the creation of this programme. Find our more about it by watching the videos!


In this program, you will discover a range of different techniques for restoring and refurbishing furniture in order to give your home a new lease of life. Over the course of these videos, we will show you a selection of simple and accessible techniques that don't cost the earth. For most of the methods shown, you will need only a few basic tools to carry out the work, with the exception of the videos on painting and varnishing using a paint sprayer, which require some slightly more sophisticated equipment. This program is perfect for anyone looking to touch up their furniture to give it a fresh new look. The techniques shown really are accessible to all, no matter your level of previous experience, so why not give it a go?

You may have to deal with toxic substances, electrical equipment, and heavy tools for some of these projects, so be careful and make sure you follow the security precautions shown in the videos, as well as on the packaging of the products that you're using.

This program, made in collaboration with Emmaus, who have been renovating furniture as part of their work in social integration for over 60 years, is divided into four chapters: The Program Introduction; How to Prepare Furniture for Renovation; Key Skills for Renovating Furniture; and Different Finishes to preserve and protect your furniture.

We hope these videos will inspire you to have a go at refurbishing furniture for yourself- it's fun, it's environmentally-friendly and it's easier than you think!

Program details

Viewing time: 47 min

Number of video(s): 15

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