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We proudly present our program made in partnership with Emmaus, showing you how to restore your furniture to add value.

Now you've watched the introduction, you're ready to get started on the rest of the program!

Discover our program with this short introductory video, including an outline of the topics covered over the three chapters: preparing to renovate furniture; key renovation techniques; and finishes.


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Lauren - Sikana
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This video is an introduction to our program on adding value to reclaimed furniture, made in partneship with Emmaüs.

Emmaüs have built up a wealth of expertise on the subject, giving a new lease of life to donated furniture for more than 60 years.

This program is specially designed for anyone wanting to revitalize their furniture.

It's divided into three chapters: basic principles, simple renovation methods, and finishing.

The first chapter on basic principles will demonstrate how to work on your furniture under the right conditions.

You will learn how to set up your work area and dress appropriately, as well as some first steps in your projects, such as sanding and preparing wood for finishing.

In this second chapter, you will learn some simple methods, techniques and tips for renovating your furniture quickly and easily.

You will discover how to re-glue wood, as well as how to clean metal embellishments to make your piece shine.

The third chapter focuses on finishes that you can apply to your furniture.

We cover three types of finish: paint, varnish and wax.

For painting or varnishing, we offer you a choice of using either a brush or a paint sprayer to complete your renovation project.

Now you know about the techniques we'll be looking at in this program to help you give your furniture a new lease of life.

Keep watching the videos which follow. Let's get to work!


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