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How to Clean an Electric Paint Sprayer

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In this video, learn how to clean your paint sprayer effectively after painting your furniture without using harmful chemicals

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Watch this short tutorial to discover how you can clean your paint sprayer when you've finished working with it, using nothing but cold water!


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In this video, you will learn to clean your paint sprayer after using acrylic paint.

Remove the bowl and recover any remaining paint by pouring it back into its pot.

To make sure the pot is airtight, close it by tapping the lid lightly with a hammer.

Run the bowl under some water to remove any remaining traces of paint.

Half-fill it with water and re-insert it into the paint sprayer.

Now pull the trigger, making sure there's an absorbant towel or cloth to catch the spray.

This way, you will clean each element of the paint sprayer's inner tubes.

Continue the cleaning by dismantling the paint sprayer.

Remove the motor,

then unscrew the ring

The dial

The depressurising pipe

The draw tube

and the rest of the paint sprayer head.

and run them under a tap.

Cold water works well for this

Scrub the parts gently with the scouring pad of a sponge.

Then let the parts air-dry.

Once all the parts are dry,

Reassemble the paint sprayer and put it away.

Now you know how to clean and store your paint sprayer.


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