They Support Us

We would like to thank our supporters, they generously help us day after day to grow and keep our mission alive: to share skills and help people to improve their daily lives.

Let's Transform Education Together!

Our teams, our partners and our volunteers all share in our vision that providing access to practical skills is one of the most efficient ways of fighting poverty in all its forms: exclusion, unemployment, inactivity, dependence...

Like us, our partner organizations believe that education, information technology and collaborative intelligence are powerful tools which enable each individual to develop their full potential.

Our adventure would not have been possible were it not for the support of the inspirational organizations and volunteers all over the world who have inspired us and allowed us to take a step closer to making SIKANA's mission a reality!

Our Experts

Your expertise means we can produce the best educational programs: comprehensive, accessible to all, and with all those little extra pointers that only experience can bring!

Our On-the-field Dissemination Partners

Thanks to your local networks and your volunteers, the Sikana programs are broadcast to most remote areas, including in places without internet access or electricity.

Our Online Dissemination Partners

With you, and with your help, we make our educational programs available for all to use, for free, in multiple languages, anywhere in the world!

Our Sponsors

Your donations enable us to create exceptional pedagogical content, giving each individual the possibility of improving their life and the lives of those around them!

Our Technological Partners

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