Interviews | Growbiointensive

Sikana - Interview: John Jeavons
Sikana - Paul simiyu

Diy | Diy 1

Sikana - How to make a compost bin from wooden pallets
Sikana - How to Make a Wooden Planter Box
Sikana - How to build a flat seedbed tray

Trees/shrubs | Hedges

Sikana - How to Trim a Hedge

Trees/shrubs | Upkeep

Sikana - Uproot a tree stump using a winch

Water | Irrigation

Sikana - How to water plants with a garden hose
Sikana - How to water seedlings

Sustainable farming methods | Rcw - rameal chipped wood

Sikana - Understanding rcw (ramial chipped wood)
Sikana - Materials for rcw (ramial chipped wood)
Sikana - Making rcw (ramial chipped wood)
Sikana - Using rcw (ramial chipped wood)

Grow | Plant protection

Sikana - How to use anti-insect netting

Grow | Harvesting

Sikana - How to process grains
Sikana - Filet De Ramassage

Grow | Sowing & Planting

Sikana - Staggered spacing system of planting
Sikana - How to grow small seeds in a tray or flat, part 2
Sikana - How to grow small seeds in a tray or flat, part 1
Sikana - How to grow large seeds in a tray or flat
Sikana - How to make soil for seedlings
Sikana - How to sow a flowery meadow

Grow | Plant growing


Fertility | Natural fertilizers

Sikana - How to make nettle fertilizer
Sikana - How to make fertilizer from comfrey
Sikana - How to make rhubarb fertilizer

Fertility | Compost

Sikana - How to build a compost pile
Sikana - How to turn a compost pile
Sikana - How to maintain a compost pile
Sikana - Collect & store cured compost
Sikana - Fertilize and amend a garden bed
Sikana - Nitrogen-rich materials
Sikana - Carbon-rich material

Soil | Testing the soil

Sikana - How to take a soil sample

Soil | Gardening beds

Sikana - How to create a raised bed
Sikana - How to create a flat bed
Sikana - Prepare a growing bed
Sikana - Biointensive growing bed

Soil | Soil preparation

Sikana - How to single dig
Sikana - How to double dig
Sikana - Double digging: tips
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