In this free educational video program you can learn some simple tips to help you plant, maintain and thne harvest plants such as fruits and vegetables in your garden or allotment. From building seedling flat trays to harvesting fruits and processing grains, following the videos in the program to find out how to grow your garden and produce your own food. Growing your own food allows you to become more self-sufficient and therefore more autonomous, it also goes a long way to lowering your carbon footprint as your rely less on imported, store-bought produce. We want to show you that growing your own food and cultivating your garden using natural, organic techniques is something everyone can do.

What you are going to learn

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    Sowing Seeds and Seedlings

  • 3

    Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

  • 4

    Cultivation Techniques

  • 5

    Harvesting Seeds and Grains

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