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Paint Sprayer: Preparation

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In this video, you will learn how to set up a paint sprayer, as well as how it works.

To find out how to use a paint sprayer to give your furniture a new lease of life, take a look at the next video in our Furniture Restoration program.

Paint sprayers are extremely helpful tools when restoring furniture, but can be a little daunting if you're using one for the first time! Discover how to set up a paint sprayer by watching this short tutorial.


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Paint Sprayers: Preparation

In this video, you will learn how to set up a paint sprayer, an essential step before you start learning how to use this piece of equipment.

To do this, you will need:

a paint sprayer,

a container,

and a hand paint mixer

You will also need:

a pot of acrylic paint,

and a roll of adhesive tape.

This video is divided into three steps, which we will explain to you.

STEP 1: The Basic Principle

In this example, we're using a low pressure turbine sprayer: the most common model on the market.

The turbine shoots air into the paint canister.

This air pressure forces the paint along the draw tube to the atomiser.

By pressing down on the trigger, the paint is atomised and released.

STEP 2: Preparation

Protect your work environment from paint using a tarpaulin sheet.

You can also use cardboard.

Protect the area behind the furniture,

and beneath the furniture.

Your body should be completely protected when doing this kind of work. You will need:

Disposable overalls,

a protective facemask,

protective glasses,

and protective gloves.

STEP 3: The Viscosity of the Paint

There are two types of paint you can use: acrylic and glycerophtalic.

In this example, we're using an acrylic paint with a natural solvent which means you can clean the paint sprayer with water.

Fill one third of the paint canister with paint, a sufficient amount for our three-tier shelving unit.

You should add a further 10% of this volume in water, or consult the advice given in your paint sprayer's manual.

To do this, dip the mixer into the paint.

Check the paint's marker level on the mixer.

You should add water until the paint reaches the next marker level to get the right consistency.

The paint needs diluting so that it is the right thickness to pass through the atomiser system.

Learn the proper technique for using a paint sprayer by watching our next video.

You now know how to prepare before using a paint sprayer.


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