How to Build Animal Shelters - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters - Sikana
How to Build Animal Shelters - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters - SikanaHow to Build Animal Shelters - Sikana
LPO (Bird Protection Organisation) - Taking action for Biodiversity - Sikana Expert

LPO (Bird Protection Organisation) - Taking action for Biodiversity

Drawing on a century's engagement, with over 45,000 members and 5000 active volunteers, the LPO is currently the leading organisation for nature conservation in France. In addition to its biodiversity conservation work, the LPO is a key player in the field of environmental education, offering over 5000 events or educational programmes each year for schoolchildren, reaching over 100,000 children per year.


In this programme, you will learn how to invite biodiversity into your home through a series of projects that will teach you how to build and prepare several different animal shelters and feeders for birds and small animals.
These videos will show you how you can have fun creating a range of projects to protect, house and feed birds, and much more! You will also learn the characteristics of certain animal species and discover how you can take active steps to protect their ecosystem.
You're never too old to care about the environment, but even so, children and teenagers alike will enjoy building projects that will help protect and conserve the natural environment around them. These practical video tutorials are simple and accessible to all, so the whole family can get involved! The most demanding techniques in the projects involve cutting wooden planks and using nails. As such, these animal shelters provide the perfect opportunity to create, discover and conserve as a family. Whatever your age, be sure to take care when using and handling tools.
This programme has been created in partnership with the Bird Protection Association. The expertise of its members stems from the organisation's commitment to protecting and conserving wildlife for over a century.
There are three main themes running through the programme: understanding biodiversity, building birdhouses and other animal shelters, then finally, helping birds to feed during colder periods. Each video is made up of three steps. Firstly, we will specify the materials and tools needed for the project. Next, we explain the technique for building and assembling the project. Finally, we will show you how to install your project at home so that it is best suited to the needs of the bird or animal. By installing birdhouses, shelters and feeders around you, you will be helping to conserve wildlife species and promote biodiversity in your home environment. Taking steps to boost biodiversity around you will be helping the bigger picture, especially that of the ecosystem linking humans, animals and plants.

Program details

Viewing time: 36 min

Number of video(s): 11

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