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Make a Bird Feeder

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Help birds to thrive during colder periods by making this bird feeding table for your garden with your family.

Once you've made a bird feeding table, you'll need some bird food to put on it! Watch the next video in our series to learn how to make fat balls to feed birds in your garden.

With this simple project, you will learn to build a feeding table to install in your garden, then have the pleasure of watching different types of bird come to feed when the temperature drops.

Voice-over by volunteer Mollie Keane

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Lynda Bell - Sikana
Lynda Bell
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Make a bird feeding table

In this video, we are going to learn to build a bird feeding table.

In Winter and during long cold spells, birds have difficulties finding food.. You can help them by providing a bird feeding table.. It is best to put food out from mid-November to the end of March before the chicks learn to feed themselves.

To make a bird table, we will need:

A wooden plank, a 2cm thick wooden batten, nails or screws and a post about 2 metres long.

We will also need:

A clamp, a measuring tape, a pencil, a try square, a saw, a drill/driver or a hammer, a mallet and a stepladder.

Measure, cut, then assemble:

A 30 cm wide and 40 cm long wooden plank,

A batten measuring 38 centimetres

a batten measuring 36 centimetres

another one measuring 28 centimetres

and the last one measuring 24 centimetres

Fix the battens to the piece of wood to make a frame. The opening allows water to run out properly.

Drill a hole through the back of the tray so that you can fix the post onto it.

Draw diagonal lines on the tray to help you find the centre.

Now drive the post at least 50 centimetres deep into the ground to make sure it is stable. However, it must also be high enough to prevent cats from climbing up it.

Fix the tray onto the post.

Put seeds onto the tray. The best mix would be equal parts of black sunflower seeds, peanuts and corn.


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