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How to Make a Hedgehog House

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Give hedgehogs a place to call their own in your garden by building them a house with this simple tutorial!

For more animal shelter ideas, take a look at the rest of our programme, specifically designed to help you become more aware of the wildlife around you and welcome a wider range of creatures into your garden.

This quick building project is accessible for everyone in the family! Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to make a hedgehog house that will give hedgehogs a safe place to shelter from the cold and to hibernate in Winter.

Voice-over by volunteer Mollie Keane

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gini_morandi - Sikana
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How to make a hedgehog house

In this video, you will learn how to make a housefor hedgehogs. This will shelter them from bad weather and allow them to hibernate from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring.

For this example, you will need:

a wooden crate, such as a wine crate, a shovel, some straw and some dead leaves

At the foot of a wall or a hedge, dig a hole of about 7cm (3") in depth and 20cm (8") in diameter.

Turn the crate upside down and place it over the hole.

Now cover the whole thing with a layer of straw of around 15cm (6"), then lay down the leaves beneath the crate

The hedgehog will be able to find the entrance to its new home by itself.

You should put the shelter in a quiet place, with the entrance facing South-East, safe from prevailing winds.

To welcome hedgehogs into your garden, you could also build them a house using a wooden plank and some thick logs. Arrange these to create a hollow measuring around 25cm (10") wide, 45cm (18") long and 20cm (8") tall.


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