In this free video program, you will discover over 50 enjoyable exercises to improve the overall health of older adults. The program is targeted specifically at older people and was made in partnership with the SIEL Bleu association who work to promote increased level of activity into later life. Each video offers a different exercise. Pick and choose which exercise you’d like to try to target a particular muscle group or activity. The program has chapters structured to help you work on: warming up and stretching; improving joint flexibility; exercises for building your strength; cardio workouts to keep you fit; training to work on your balance; warming down and good everyday habits you can adopt to avoid injury. We have also included some videos which you can try out with a partner – be they a carer or a member of your family – try them out and have fun! The program is adapted to beginner-level persons and you can make the sessions longer and more difficult with time as your overall fitness and strength improve. Before beginning the program, be sure to check with your doctor that you are not putting yourself at any risk of injury by doing so. The program was made with the expert collaboration of sports coaches who specialise in physical activity for older persons. Before beginning any of the exercises we recommend that you start off with the warm up sessions found in the first chapter of the program and finish off by stretching and warming down using the videos found in chapter 6 of the program. Regular physical activity, even at an older age, can keep both body and mind fit and fight against sedentarism, and lead a healthy, autonomous life. Enjoy your session!

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