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Picking up a Light Object

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This short video will show you how to avoid straining your back when picking up a light object

This video is part of a series that has been specially created to help older people to stay fit and mobile.
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Follow the simple steps in this tutorial to make sure you don't hurt yourself when picking up a light object

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn how to adopt the right posture to pick up a light object, whilst taking care of your back

For a heavy object, there's a different technique. To find out more, you can watch the video called ' Picking up a heavy object'.

To pick up a light object, there's three necessary steps: taking a step forward, bending your knees, and picking up the object

Firstly; taking a step forward

Position yourself about 5Ocm away from the object

Take a big step forward so that your foot is about 10cm away from the object

Raise the heel of the back leg, and evenly spread your bodyweight between both legs

Make sure that you keep your feet at least shoulder width apart to keep your balance

Secondly, bending your knees

Get closer to the object by bending your knees, pressing on the front leg with a hand for support

Don't lean foward! Instead, keep your back straight and vertical to prevent strain

To do this, tense your abdominal muscles and buttocks when kneeling down

Thirdly, pick up the object

Pick up the object with your free hand

Then, get back up again, using your hand on the leg in front of you for support


To protect your back and avoid falling when picking up a light object, always take a step foward before bending your knees. Over to you!


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