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Neck Stretches

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Here you can learn a simple and gentle way to stretch and relax the muscles in your neck.

Find our other videos for more gentle exercises for older people on our website.

Necks are prone to becoming stiff so make sure you stretch your neck regularly following the exercises presented in this video

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you will learn an exercise which will all you to relax your neck. We recommend checking with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program

Done regularly, this exercise will help prevent neck pain and stiffness.

It may be done standing or seated on a chair

The exercise is broken down into two parts: the positioning and the movement.

First, positioning.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Straighten out your spine by standing up straight

Lift the back of your head as high as possible while keeping your chin tucked in, looking straight ahead.

We will refer to this as the "neutral" position.

Next, the movement.

Start by slowly tilting your head forward - but don't force it

keep your chin tucked in and look down at the ground.

Hold this position for 4 seconds, breathing deeply and regularly.

Then, gently return your head to the neutral position, looking straight ahead.

Now, tilt your head backwards so that you are looking at the ceiling,

but not too far back, or else you might lose your balance.

Hold this position for 4 seconds,

then gently return to the neutral position once more.

Gently once again, turn your head to the right, fixing your gaze on a point in the distance.. You should not feel any pain.

Then, return to the neutral position.

Follow the same directions, turning your head to the left.

Be careful not to go too fast as this could cause dizziness

Do this exercise all the way through twice in a row.

Remember to keep your back straight and your shoulders low and relaxed.

Over time, you will gradually be able increase your range of motion. Over to you!


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