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Cardio Exercise in Pairs: Hand Tape

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In this video, you will learn a cardio exercise to work your arms with a partner to improve your fitness

For more cardio exercises to incorporate into your exercise routine, take a look at the other videos in this series on Gentle Exercise for Older Adults. The next tutorial will show you a lunge exercise to work your legs and knees.

Cardiovascular exercise is important for your health and fitness. By following the instructions in this tutorial, you can learn a simple exercise to practice with a partner to give your arms a workout

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you will learn a cardiovascular exercise called “Hand Tape”, which is to be performed in pairs.

Please check your physical fitness with a doctor before attempting this exercise.

Practiced regularly, cardiovascular exercises help to maintain healthy blood pressure and respiratory capacities.

This exercise is made up of two parts: positioning, and then movement.

Firstly, the positioning.

As the older adult, who will receive support in this task: stand facing your partner at a similar distance to the one in this video.

Keep your back straight and your feet planted shoulder-width apart, with the knees slightly bent

The partner: - bend your arms, open your hands at chest height so that your palms face your partner.

Secondly, the movement.

Older adult: Tap your partner’s right hand with your right hand.

Then switch - tap their left hand with your left hand.

Keep alternating your right and left hands.

Tighten your abdominal muscles, and focus on keeping your back straight.

Stretch out yours arms one after the next maintaining a rhythm, and progressively pick up the pace to gradually increase your heart and respiratory rate.

Do this exercise 3 times for 20 seconds, and take a 20 second break between each set.

Perform at a physical level you feel comfortable with.

For this, your breathing can be a useful indicator

If you have no trouble talking throughout the exercise, then it is too easy for you.

On the other hand, if you can no longer speak, you are over-exerting yourself

As the training days go by, gradually begin to increase your pace and the duration of each set.

Over to you!


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