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How to Get Back Up After a Fall

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Find out how to pick yourself up after a fall to keep yourself safe with this short tutorial video

This video is just one of several in our series "Gentle Exercise for Older Adults".
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The three steps in this exercise will take you through the process of getting back up after a fall whilst maintaining good posture so that you can stay safe and confident

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn a safe way of getting back up from the floor on your own.

Getting back up after a fall whilst keeping a good posture minimises excessive strain on your body and helps you to keep your balance.

For this exercise, you'll need a floormat and a chair.

For this video, we've chosen to show you how to turn over onto your left side.

This sequence of getting up is made up of three steps: turning over, getting onto all fours, and getting up with the help of a support.

Firstly: turning over.

Position your left arm so that it's straight along your body, with your hand underneath your buttocks or thigh.

Keep your arm in this position until you've completely turned over to avoid dislocating your shoulder.

Put your other arm at a right angle to your body.

Bend your right knee, keeping your foot flat upon the floor.

Let this leg gently lean towards the outside

Throw your right arm and leg simultaneously towards the left.

The momentum will help you to turn over on your stomach without too much effort

Secondly: getting onto all fours

Bring up your hands so that they're next to your head

By putting some of your weight on your forearms, push backwards whilst bringing your knees to underneath your pelvis.

Thirdly, getting up with the help of a support.

You can move around on all fours to find a support to help you get up

Place both hands on the support and raise the upper half of your body

Place your left forearm on the seat

With your right hand, raise your right knee up next to the chair.

Finally, get on the toes of your back foot to prepare yourself for the push up.

Whilst breathing out, get up, pushing down with both your arms and feet

Practise this regularly in the presence of another person to gain confidence and to master the sequence of getting back up in complete safety, in case one day you have to do it alone.

Over to you!


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