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Improve Your Balance: Walking Along a Straight Line

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In this video you will learn a simple exercise to help improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls

To improve your balance even more, why not try out some of the other balances in this series?

By following the instructions in this simple tutorial, you will learn a basic exercise as well as several variations to help improve your balance. This will make you less susceptible to falls.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn about a simple exercise you can do to improve your balance. Before doing this exercise, please consult your doctor

The aim of this exercise is to improve your coordination, which is really important for keeping your balance and preventing falls

Before you start, you'll need a thick piece of tape to mark a straight line of about four metres long on the ground

This exercise can be divided into two steps: getting in position, and then the movement itself

Firstly, getting in position

Standing upright, position yourself at the start of the line on the ground

Secondly, the movement itself

Walk along the line at a comfortable pace

The aim is to put one foot in front of the other without stepping off the line to either side

You can use your arms to help keep your balance by holding them out to either side of you

Walk to the end of the line and back again in this way

Once you're comfortable with this exercise, you can add other elements to make it harder, such as holding a glass of water with both hands

Or putting a hand over one eye

Or even walking along the line backwards, touching the heel of one foot with the toes of the other

By combining balancing exercises with exercises to improve muscle tone and flexibility, you'll improve your posture and balance

Over to you!


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