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Shoulder Workouts with a Partner

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In this video, learn some gentle shoulder strengthening exercises you can do with a partner at home

For more exercises to strengthen the body and give you more flexibility as an older adult, find the full gentle exercise for older adults program on our website:

You'll need two chairs for this gentle shoulder workout.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll discover an exercise to strengthen your shoulder muscles, to perform with a partner.

First, check your physical ability with a doctor.

If regularly performed, this exercise will allow you to strengthen your shoulder muscles and fight arthritis.

To perform it, you will need two chairs facing each other.

This exercise can be split into two stages: the positioning, and then the movement.

First, the positioning.

The older adult should Sit on a chair.

To eliminate the arch of your back, stretch your spine by making yourself taller.

Raise the back of your head as high as you can while tucking in your chin and looking ahead of you.

Place your elbows on your sides, with your arms in right angles and your fists clenched.

Keep your shoulders low and relaxed.

For the partner: Sit in the other chair, facing the older adult, and put your hands on top of their fists.

Second, the movement.

For the partner: Lightly press down the older person's fists.

The older person should Fight againstthis movement by pushing back with an opposing force

The goal is for the two forces to be of the same intensity so that the older peron's arms do not move

Hold this pose for six seconds while breathing out. Be careful not to hold your breath.

Communicate with each other about the how the older adult feels, to make sure they don't feel any pain

Then gently let go.

Perform this exercise five times in a row, alternating it with 10 seconds of relaxation.

Always start with a light pressure, and increase gradually.

Here is another version of the exercise where the assisted person spreads their arms on the side, at a right angle.

The partner, standing behind the assisted person, can then exercise a stronger pressure by pushing the arms downwards at the elbows.

By combining shoulder strength and flexibility exercises, you will protect yourself against stiffness and pain in the shoulders.

Over to you!


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