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Shoulder Stretches

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In this video you will learn a gentle way to stretch your shoulder muscles and improve shoulder flexibility

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This shoulder flexibility exercise video is designed especially with older adults in mind

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you are going to discover an exercise which will help you improve the flexibility of your shoulders.

Check your physical fitness with a doctor before beginning

Practiced regularly, this exercise will increase the range of motion of your shoulders

This exercise is divided into two stages: the position, then the movement.

First step: positioning.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

Stretch your back by making yourself tall

Lift the back of your head as high as possible, while tucking in your chin and looking straight ahead.

To avoid arching your back, tighten your abs and your glutes.

Raise your arms up and out to the side so that they are line with your shoulders, with your palms facing the ceiling.

Second step: movement.

Make sure your arms are perfectly level with your shoulders.

Whilst breathing in, push out your chest and draw your arms backwards.

Your shoulders should remain low.

Focus your attention on your shoulder blades, which move closer together.

Hold the position for 15 seconds while breathing deeply

Make sure that you do not arch your back but keep it very straight.

Let your arms gently fall back alongside your body to allow you to recover, then repeat the exercise a second time.

Always pay attention to how you are feeling. This exercise should not be painful.

As the days go by, you can gradually increase your range of motion.

Over to you!


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