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How to Sit Down

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In this short video, you will learn a good practice to adopt for sitting down without hurting or straining yourself

This video is part of a series providing lots of advice and ideas to help you remain fit and mobile.
Be sure to watch the other videos with good practices to adopt in your day-to-day life

Follow the three simple steps in this tutorial to make sure you stay balanced and supported while you sit down, helping you to avoid straining or twisting your body

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you are going to learn how to sit down unassisted, on a chair with or without arm-rests, whilst protecting your back and avoiding the risk of a fall.

To sit down, you need to follow three steps: pressing your calves against the seat. Leaning with your hands and sitting down carefully.

Firstly, pressing your calves against the seat.

Take some steps back until the back of your calves or your knees, touch the seat.

SEcondly: Leaning with your hands.

Bend (forward) in order to grab hold of the arm-rests with your hands.

Thirdly, sitting down carefully,

Leaning on your hands carefully descend into the seat in a controlled way

Keep your back very straight, without twisting it, whilst contracting your abdominal and dorsal muscles.

If you do not have arm-rests, lean on the edge of the seat using your hands,.

When you sit down, be careful not to only lean with one hand instead of two. You could hurt your back and you could even fall down.

In order to protect your back and avoid falls, always think about pressing your calves against the seat and think about leaning on your hands before sitting down.

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