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Improving Your Balance in Pairs: Forward Lunges

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This simple video will show you a forward lunge exercise you can practice with a partner to improve your balance

Take a look at the rest of the exercises in the series that will help prevent falls

By following the instructions in this tutorial with a partner, you'll be able to work on your strength and balance which will help reduce the risk of falling

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you are going to learn an exercise on how to work on your balance.You should first of all check on your physical fitness with a doctor.

The objective of this exercise is to work on the stability of your ankles,knees and hips which are crucial in maintaining your balance and preventing a fall.

This exercise is divided into two steps:positioning then movement.

First,the positioning.

Stand face to face so that your left shoulders are aligned.

Hold on to each other's left forearm.Positioning your free hands on the hips.

The older adult should Take a big step forward with the right leg.

Lift the heel of the back leg and distribute your body weight evenly on your two legs.

To keep your balance,ensure that your legs are spread out to the same width as the hips

Second,the movement.

Then, the older adult should inale

Then,when exhaling,bend your knees and slowly lower your body.

Your partner is only there to support you in case of an imbalance,it is therefore not necessary to hold on to their forearm for support when descending.

Maintain the balance for 5 seconds with regular breathing.

Then,when exhaling,raise yourself back up while tightening the buttocks and taking support of the forearm of your partner.

Redo the movement two more times with a 10 second break between each go

Do not lean forward when descending.

Keep the back straight

Ensure that that your knee does not surpass the tip of your feet.

Then reverse the legs and redo the whole exercise again.

It is not necessary to descend very low especially where one has fragile knees.

Your benchmark must be your feelings:you must not surpass the threshold of pain.

To increase the difficulty, the older adult can align their feet more and more in a straight line to increase the imbalance.

Combining balancing exercise with weight lifting and flexibility exercises,you can improve your posture and stability.

Over to you!


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