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Aerobic Exercise: Sidesteps

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Learn a simple sidestep exercise to use in you cardio fitness routine by watching this short video tutorial

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Cardiovascular exercise is a crucial aspect of your overall health and fitness. This video will show you a sidestep exercise that you can integrate into your routine

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you will learn how to perform a cardiovascular exercise which involves sidestepping.

Please have your physical fitness assessed beforehand by a doctor.

Practiced regularly, cardiovascular exercises help you to maintain your respiratory capacities as well as a healthy blood pressure.

This exercise is made up of two stages: the positioning, then the movement.

Firstly, positioning

Stand up, keep your back straight and your feet together

Lift your elbows in front of you, bring them together at shoulder-height, and bend them at an angle of 90 degrees. Close your palms together.

Secondly, movement.

Alternate your sidesteps by taking 2 to the right and then 2 to the left, bending your knees slightly throughout.

As you step to the side, open out your elbows.

Then, simultaneously bring your elbows and feet back together again.

Keep your shoulders low and your back straight.

To increase intensity, push into each sidestep. jumping a little with one foot following the other.

Perform this exercise in two sets of 30 seconds, pausing for a 30-second rest between each one.

Work at a level that suits your physical capabilities.

For this, your breathing will serve as a useful guide

If you can speak easily during the exercise, then you are performing below your physical capabilities.

However, if you are unable to speak, you are overworking yourself.

Increase your pace and the duration of the sequences gradually as your training progresses

Over to you!


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