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Getting up from a Chair

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This short video will show you a good practice to adopt for getting up from a chair without hurting yourself.

This video is just one in a whole series offering good practices and exercises for older adults.
Be sure to watch the video on sitting down in a chair which accompanies this video

By following the four steps in this simple tutorial, you can avoid hurting or straining your body, and especially your back, as you get out of a chair.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn how to get up on your own from a chair with or without armrests, whilst taking care of your back and avoiding the risk of falling

To get up, there are four necessary steps: moving your buttocks to the edge of the seat, moving one of your feet back, supporting yourself with both hands, and getting up

Firstly, moving your buttocks to the edge of the seat

Hold onto the edge of the seat with both hands

Using your hands as a support to help you, move your buttocks to the edge of the seat

Secondly: moving one of your feet back

Gently move one of your feet back underneath the chair, so that you're pushing down on the ball of your foot

Keep your other foot flat against the ground

Thirdly, supporting yourself with both hands

If your chair has armrests, hold onto them for support

Fourthly: getting up

Lean forward

You should feel the weight of your body pushing down into your legs

Then, push down with your arms to raise yourself whilst simultaneously pushing off the floor with your legs

Keep your back straight, not twisted, by contracting the muscles in your abdomen and back

If there aren't any armrests, push yourself up with your hands on the edge of your seat

Whilst getting up, make sure that you don't use one hand more than the other because you could risk hurting your back or falling

To protect your back and avoid falls when getting up, make sure you position yourself on the edge of your chair, move one foot and back, and use your hands for support

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