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Hip Exercises with a Partner

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Here we show some strengthening exercises for the hips and pelvis to be done with a partner

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Keeping hips and hip flexors strong into older age with such gentle exercises is key to enjoying mobility into one's later years!

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you will discover an exercise for strengthening your pelvic muscles, to perform with the help of a partner.

Check your physical ability to do this exercise with a doctor beforehand

By exercising these muscles, which have an important role in the balancing of the pelvis and spine, you can correct or prevent back pains.

This exercise has two stages: positioning, and movement.

First, the positioning.

Stand up, with your knees slightly bent and your feet together .

Put your arm on your partner's shoulder.

And place your free hands on your hips.

Stretch your spine by making yourself taller.

Raise the back of your head as high as you can while tucking in your chin and looking at a fixed point in front of you.

Second, the movement.

Breathe in.

Then, while breathing out, raise your exterior leg to the side, at about 45°.

Keep it straight and try not to lean on your partner.

Hold this position for about six seconds while breathing regularly and deeply.

Then slowly relax.

Perform this exercise a second time and give yourself 15 seconds to recuperate.

Remember to contract your abdominal muscles

Also remember to keep your shoulders low and loose.

Now, change sides with your partner to perform the same sequence with your other leg.

To go further, you can, as the days go by, hold the position for a longer time or bring your leg slightly higher up on the side.

over to you!


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