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Knee Strengthening Exercises

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Learn a simple lunging exercise to help you strengthen your knees

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Knee joints can weaken in old age. This simple lunging exercise with a chair can help keep them strong and therefore can help you avoid knee pain

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn how to do a knee-strengthening exercise. Please consult your doctor before attempting this.

This exercise, called a 'forward lunge', builds the muscles in your thighs and buttocks to give you stronger knees so preserving good mobility

For this exercise, you'll need a chair

This exercise can be divided into two steps: the position, and the movement itself

Firstly, getting into position

Move the chair to your left

Position yourself standing upright with your feet shoulder-width apart

Stretch your spine by making yourself as tall as possible

Raise the back of your head as high as possible, keeping your chin tucked in

Place your right hand on your hip

Secondly, the movement

Take a big step forward with your right leg, keeping your torso straight

Adjust your other leg, making sure that your feet are still shoulder-width apart for good balance

Whilst taking a breath in, bend both of your legs, using the seat of the chair for support

Go down until the front knee is bent to a right angle

Your back leg should now be parallel to the ground, with your heel off the floor

Whilst breathing out, straighten back up, pushing down with the front leg and with your left hand on the chair if you need to

Repeat three times

Shift your bodyweight onto both legs

Don't lean forward when you're doing a lunge. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed

In this position,the knee in front of you shouldn't be further forward than your toes

Now change sides, doing four lunges with your left leg in front

Practice regularly to master this exercise!

Then you can increase the number of lunges

Over to you!


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