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Back Stretches

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Learn a gentle stretch exercise for your back and shoulers you can do at home with a couple of chairs.

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Back pain, particularly lower back pain is a common complaint in older people. Regular stretching exercise as the one presented here could prevent such aches and pains and leave you with a great mobility.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you will find an exercise that helps you to stretch you back making it more flexible.

Before attempting this exercise check your physical ability with your doctor

Practised regularly, this exercise will allow you to fend off or relieve back pain.

To perform this exercise you will need two lightweight chairs that you will be position facing each other

This exercise is split into 2 steps: positioning and then movement,

First : the positioning. Sit down on one of the two chairs.

Open your legs so your knees are out wider than the width of your pelvis

slowly lean forwards, and place your forearms on the chair in front of you

Keep your head in line with your spinal column

Breathe freely and keep your legs still for the duration of this exercise.

Secondly, the movement. Breathe in, then as you slowly breathe out, push away the chair in front of you with your hands so that you feel your back stretching.

Try to keep your chest horizontal to the floor, your arms outstretched and your face towards the floor.

Hold this position for 20 seconds.

its normal to feel your back and side muscles pulling.

However, this exercise should not be painful so you should not push the chair too far away.

REturn slowly to the starting position to take a rest of around 20 seconds

Then perform the exercise for a second time.

Keep your breathing regular: your exhalations should be longer than your inhalations

As the days go on, you can increase your range of motion.

Over to you !


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