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Back Stretches with a Partner

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Learn how to stretch your back with the help of a partner in this gentle exercise video!

For more gentle exercise for older adult videos including stretches and cardio workouts, you can find the full program on our website:

This video is designed specifically for older adults and gives them a gentle way of stretching the back with the help of a friend, carer or family member

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you will discover an exercise to relax and stretch your back with the help of a partner.

Check your physical fitness with a doctor before beginning

Practiced regularly, this exercise will allow you to prevent or alleviate back pain

This exercise is divided into two stages: positioning, then movement.

First, the positioning

Stand face to face and holding each other's forearms.

Keep your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart

Secondly, the movement

The partner should not move during the exercise

Keep your elbows against your sides and support the older adult, with your forearms.

As the aided: bend your legs slightly and take smal steps backwards, in order to move away from your partner, while leaning your chest forward.

Breathe normally during the whole exercise

You should finish with your arms outstretched, your eyes fixed on the ground and a perfect alignment between the back, head and arms.

Once you feel a non-painful stretching of the back, try to straighten your legs and hold the position for 20 seconds.

Make sure you are well balanced on your legs throughout the entire exercise.

Then, slowly straighten to the initial position, using your partner to help you

Come up gradually in order to avoid any dizziness

As the days go by, you can gradually increase your range of motion

Over to you!


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