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Hip Stretches to Do with a Partner

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Learn a gentle way to stretch you hips and pelvis with the help of a family member or partner

Did you know that this video is part of a program all about gentle exercise for older adults? The whole thing is free and on our website at the link below!

Hip joints are one of the first to cause problems for older people. This easy stretch done lying down on the floor is a great way to keep your hip flexibility up well into later years

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you will find an exercise to help you loosen and relax your hip muscles with the help of a partner

You should check your physical health with a doctor before attempting this exercise

Practised regularly, this exercise will allow you to maintain flexibility in your lower back muscles and to prevent back pain and stiffness.

For this exercise you will need a floor mat

This exercise is broken down into 2 stages - positioning and movement

First of all, the positioning

To safely lie down on the floor mat, you can watch our video 'Lying down safely on a floor mat'. Lie on your back with your legs bent and your arms by your side

As the partner : kneel down next to the person you are assisting.

Hold one of their legs by the knee and the ankle

Secondly, the movement

As the partner, it is you who will control the movement using your hands

Slowly and delicately bring the knee towards their chest while they lie on with their other leg still extended

You should always communicate between yourselves so as to not cause each other injury

As the assisted, sit back and relax

Relax your muscles and breathe slowly and deeply

hold this position for 30 seconds

Then, the partner should gently place the leg back into its original position with their hands

Repeat the same exercise with the other leg

Hold for 30 seconds, then relax

Rest for 10 seconds then repeat the whole exercise for a second time

Gradually, over days of training, take the knee closer and closer to your chest. Its over to you !


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