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Improve Your Balance: Rocking on Your Tip-Toes

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In this video, you will learn a tip-toe exercise to use in your fitness routine to help improve your balance

This video is part of a series of gentle exercises for older adults, which contains many videos that will help you work on your balance, both on your own and with a partner. Keep watching to discover more exercises to include in your exercise routine!

Balance is a crucial factor to work on to help maintain your autonomy and prevent the risk of falls. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial video to learn an exercise that will help you work on your balance.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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Working on your balance - rocking on your tip-toes

In this video you will discover an exercise to work on your balance. Check your physical fitness with a doctor before beginning

This exercise aims to work the stability of your ankles and to coordinate your movement which is very important in keeping balanced and avoiding falls.

This exercise is divided into two stages: positioning, then movement.

First, the positioning

Stand barefoot to better grip the floor.

Spread your legs hip-width apart

Stand tall, stretching your spine

Lift the back of the head as high as possible while tucking in your chin and looking in front of you.

To avoid arching your back, contract your abdominals and glutes

Secondly, the movement

Breathe in deeply, then, as you exhale, lift yourself onto the tips of your toes while bringing your arms backwards as a counterbalance.

While inhaling: bring your arms in front of you and rock onto the heels of your feet.

Alternate this back and forth movement 10 times

For greater stability, keep your eyes on a fixed point in front of you and don't forget to tuck your stomach in and tighten your buttocks.

For more of a challenge, do the same exercise with your eyes closed.

In repeating this exercise regularly, you will gain stability and thus preserve your autonomy

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