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Aerobic Exercise: Butt Kicks

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Learn a simple and effective heel kick aerobic exercise to boost your cardiovascular health

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This gentle cardio exercise is great for older adults and can be done at home

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you will learn a cardiovascular exercise which involves raising your heels toyour buttocks whilst lifting your arms.

Check your physical ability with a doctor before completing this exercise

Practiced regularly, cardiovascular exercises help you to maintain good respiratory capacity and promotes healthy blood pressure.

This exercise is made up of two stages: positioning, then movement.

Firstly, positioning.

Stand with your feet spaced apart, slightly wider than pelvis-width.

Place your hands on your shoulders ensuring your elbows are at shoulder-height.

Secondly, movement.

Touch your right buttock with your right heel whilst bringing your arms out sideways, your palms should be facing the ceiling.

Shift your body weight to your left leg.

Then, bring your foot and arms back to their starting position.

Perform the same movement on the other side.

Carry out this exercise in two sets of 20 moves. Take a 30 second rest between each sequence.

Focus on keeping the same distance between your feet throughout, and ensuring that your back is straight.

Unless there is a pre-existing weakness of your knees, back or neck, feel free to increase the intensity you perform at, by using more force and speed in your movements.

Perform at a level of difficulty you feel comfortable with.

Your ease of breathing can be used as a guide for this.

If you find it easy to talk whilst exercising, then you are performing below your capabilities.

However, if you can’t speak at all, you are overworking yourself.

Increase your pace and the duration of your sequences gradually with the passing of days spent practicing.

Over to you!


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