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Aerobic Exercise: Skip Jumps

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Here's a simple cardio workout to try at home. It's just like skipping with a jump rope.

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This kind of gentle cardio is great for keep in shape as an older adult

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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Carrie B
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In this video you will discover a cardio vascular exercise that consists of jumping with your together feet, as if you had a skipping rope.

Check your physical fitness with a doctor before beginning

Practiced regularly, cardio vascular exercises allow you to preserve lung capacity and maintain a good blood pressure.

This exercise is divided into two stages: positioning, then movement.

First, the positioning

Stand upright with your back straight and your feet together.

Secondly, the movement

Make small jumps with the feet together and move your arms as though using a jump/skipping rope

Naturally, you will land on the front of your feet

Always start with a slow rhythm to gradually increase your heart rate and respiratory rate.

Do two sets of 30 seconds, with a recovery time of 30 seconds between each one

Adapt your effort according to your abilities.

You can judge this according to how easily you are breathing

If you can easily talk during the exercise then you are working below your ability level

Conversely, if you can no longer speak, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough

Increase your pace and the number of 30-second sets as the days go by and as your ability improves

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