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How to Lower Yourself onto an Exercise Mat

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This video will show you how to avoid injury when lowering yourself onto an exercise mat during your exercise routine

Now you're in position on your exercise mat, you're ready to try out some exercises!
Take a look at the range of floor exercises in this series to get started

Make sure you maintain avoid straining or bumping yourself when you lower yourself onto your exercise mat by following this simple video tutorial

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video, you'll learn how to lie down safely on a mat

This method will protect your body from knocks and bumps and will minimise the risk of falling

To lie down on a mat, there are four important steps: kneeling down, getting onto all fours, lying down on one side and then turning over onto your back

Firstly: kneeling down

Position yourself standing upright in front of the mat with your legs shoulder-width apart

Step forward with your left foot and position it next to the mat

Put your left hand on your left thigh

Raise your right heel from the ground

To kneel down, steadily bend your legs whilst using your thigh for support

Keep your back straight and vertical whilst going down

Secondly, getting onto all fours

Lean forward slightly to place your right hand on the mat

At the same time,place your other hand on the floor whilst opening up your left hip so that you can put your knee on the floor

Once you're on all fours, move to the middle of the mat

Thirdly: lying down on one side

Place your left forearm on the mat

Bring your legs together, then let your torso naturally fall down onto the side

Lower your chest so that your left shoulder is touching the floor

Now you're lying down on one side

Fourth: turning onto your back

To turn over onto your back, move your right arm behind you to create enough momentum to turn your body over in one movement, keeping your legs bent

This will keep your back from twisting

Now you're ready to do a series of floor exercises

We also invite you to watch the video called : 'Getting up safely from a mat' so that you can put the steps into practice once you've finished your exercises

Have a great workout!


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