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Neck Strength Excercises

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In this free tutorial you'll find a really simple way to strengthen your muscles in your neck.

You can try this exercise in the comfort of your own home. Don't forget to catch the other videos in this program all about gentle exercise for older adults, it's free on our site!

Working out the neck muscles is a sure-fire way to avoid any neck pain or stiffness. This exercises was designed specifically for older adults.

Voice-over by volunteer Lizzie Da Costa

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In this video you will discover an exercise to strengthen the neck muscles. Check your physical fitness with your doctor before beginning

Practiced regularly, this exercise will help you to prevent pain and stiffness in the neck.

The exercise is made up of two parts: getting into position, then the movement itself.

First, getting into position.

Stand with feet hip-width apart.

Stand tall, straightening your spine

Lift the back of the head as high as possible while tucking in your chin and looking in front of you.

Second, the movement.

Put the palm of one of your hands on your forehead.

Breathe in. Then, while exhaling: exert a slight pressure on your forehead. with your hand

Resist the pressure by pushing the head forwards into your hand.

In the end, your head should not move

Notice how your neck muscles contract to counter the pressure exerted by your hand

The pressure must increase gradually

Hold for 6 seconds then gently release.

Now cross your hands behind your head, elbows out to the sides and chin tucked in.

Breathe out and apply gentle forward pressure with your hands.

Resist this pressure by keeping your head still and upright

Use how you feel as a reference point, meaning there should be muscular contraction without pain or tension.

Make sure the shoulders stay relaxed.

Hold the position for 6 seconds then gently release.

Now place the palm of your hand on the right temple, elbow out to the side.

While exhaling, push lightly and gradually with your hand

Resist this pressure with your head for 6 seconds.

Make sure that your head remains stable and upright.

Then gently release

Perform the same movement on the left side and hold for 6 seconds.

Perform this complete exercise twice in a row.

It is ideal to have a mirror beside you so that you can check your position and make sure your head doesn't move.

By combining muscle building with exercises to relax the neck you will be able to protect yourself from stiffness, discomfort or pain in the neck and shoulders.

Over to you!


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