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Cleaning the machine

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In this video, you will learn how to clean the machine.

There are five main parts that you need to clean. These are:

- the feed dog,

- the interior of the face-plate,

- the bobbin case

- the hook assembly.

- and the underside of the machine bed

First, the feed dog has to be cleaned.

To do so, detach the needle by removing the needle clamp screw.

Now, unscrew the presser foot from the machine. keep the presser foot aside.

Next, remove the screws from the needle plate.

Take the needle plate out from the machine bed.

Clean the feed dog using a dry brush to ensure there is no dust, lint or grit settled on it.

After the feed dog has been thoroughly cleaned, put the needle plate back.

Now, screw the needle plate back in.

Next, re-attach the presser foot securely.

Now, place the needle back in its original position.

The next part that needs to be cleaned is the interior of the face plate.

The face-plate has two screws located at the top and at the bottom.

Remove the two screws and detach the face-plate.

Now, clean the interiors of the machine with a dry brush thoroughly.

Once the interiors are free of any dust, lint or grit, re-attach the faceplate to the side of the machine

Screw the faceplate back on to the machine.

The next parts that need to be cleaned are on the bottom of the machine bed.

To access these parts, first remove the belt from the wheel below the machine. Now, lift the machine up gently.

Slowly clean the underside of the machine bed.

Remove the bobbin case located on the left side of the machine.

Clean the hook assembly now that the bobbin case is out.

Next, clean the bobbin case thoroughly.

Re-fix the bobbin case in its original position.

Now, tilt the machine back down and put the wheel belt back.

You have now learnt to clean the machine.


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