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How to oil your machine

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In this video, you will learn how to oil the machine.

Begin by oiling the presser-bar-thumb-screw.

Next, oil the nut beside it.

A few drops of oil should also be dropped in the two holes behind the presser-bar-thumb-screw.

A hole is present on top of the machine covered with a lid, open this lid and drop a few drops of oil and, close it.

Machines usually provide an indication of the spaces which require oil.

There are 4 holes present on top of the machine between the spool pin and the balance wheel. Drop oil in these holes.

Also put a few drops on the joint of the machine and the balance wheel for its smooth functioning.

Drop some oil into the 4 holes in the base of the machine.

Now, lift the machine up.

Oil all the four corners below the machine and oil the point behind the bobbin hook.

You have now learned to oil your stitching machine.


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