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How to Cut a Salwar: 1/2 The Primary Pieces

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In this video you will learn to cut the fabric required to make a Salwar.

Watch the previous video series to learn how to make a pattern for a Salwar.

To cut the fabric, you will need: Your Pattern Two sheet of fabrics A chalk A Ruler A measuring tape A pair of scissors And some pins

This video has been divided into two steps.

1. Marking the outline

The first step is to mark the outline of the pattern on the fabric.

Start by folding a sheet of fabric in half along its length.

Hold the two ends of the fold and bring them together with a second fold, such that it creates four layers of fabric.

Place the pattern on the fabric.

Make sure that the folded section of fabric is wide enough to accommodate the pattern.

Now, as shown, place the waistband pattern on the remaining space on the fabric, such that its fold is aligned with the fold of the fabric.

Cut off any extra fabric beyond the patterns.

Pin both patterns onto the fabric at regular intervals so their positions are secure.

Use a piece of chalk to trace the outline of the pattern on the fabric.

Start with the crotch seam and side seam lines, before you continue to draw an outline of the waistband.

Mark two points half an inch from the two meeting ends of the waistband and draw a dotted line through them.

This line marks the seam allowance.

Now that the outlines of the patterns have been drawn, you may proceed to cut the fabric.

1. Cutting the fabric .

Starting from the bottom end of the side seam line, start cutting along the outline of the entire pattern.

Continue past the Crotch Seam and trail off the edge above the waistline.

Keep aside the waste fabric as it can be used to make drawstring.

Save the waste pieces to make drawstring, patch sleeves or other small works.

Now, fold the layers of fabric along with the pattern at the point where the hemline meets the inseam, as shown.

Take a pair of scissors and snip the corner of the fold so that it forms a notch.

If you need help with cutting a notch, refer to the video on how to make a notch.

Repeat this step half an inch on either side of the crotch point to mark the seam allowances of the crotch seam and inseam.

Make another notch along the top edge of the sheet to mark the crotch seam allowance.

Now, make notches to mark the seam allowance and casing on the waistband.

Finally, snip a notch off the corner of the folds from both pieces of fabric to mark their centre points.

These last notches will help keep the two parts of the garment aligned while gathering the folds of the primary piece.

You may now carefully remove the pins holding the pattern and fabric together.

Cut the bottom fold of the fabric to free the pieces along the leg hole.

Place the waistband cloth above the Salwar and gather the extra cloth, as shown, to get an idea of the basic form of the Salwar.

You have now learnt how to cut fabric required to make a Salwar.

Watch the next video to learn how to cut fabric for a drawstring.


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