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How to Cut a Top: 2/4 The Sleeves

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In this video, you will learn how to cut the fabric required for the sleeves of a Top.

To learn how to cut the primary pieces, watch the previous video of this series.

We shall now trace the outline of the sleeve pattern on the fabric.

To do this, take the sheet of leftover fabric and fold it in half such that the fold can accommodate the whole pattern.

Place the pattern along the longer edge of the fabric and pin it to the fabric as shown.

Now, start drawing the outline of the pattern on the fabric.

Once this is done, cut the fabric along the chalk line.

Remove the excess fabric.

Now, remove the pin on the unmarked side, flip the pattern along with the fabric, and fold them in half with the marked side facing up.

We shall now make notches marking the key layout points.

Fold the fabric along with the pattern at the end of the hemline, and snip a piece off to make a notch.

Make a second notch along the armhole to mark the seam allowance.

Now, make a final notch at the top corner of the fold, to help align the armhole curve with the cap length while stitching.

You may now remove the remaining pin and open out the fabric to ensure that the shape and dimensions of the fabric are the same as the pattern.

You have now learnt to cut the fabric required for the sleeves of a top.

To continue learning how to cut the top, watch the next video of this series.


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