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How to Stitch a Skirt: 1/4 The Inner Layer

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In this video series you will learn how to stitch a tulle overlay skirt.

We shall first sew the inner and outer layers of the skirt.

These will then be gathered and stitched onto a waistband.

Watch the previous videos to learn how to cut the material.

To stitch a skirt, you will need: Your cut material A sewing machine Some Thread A Measuring tape A Ruler Some pins A piece of chalk A Safety pin And a pair of scissor Spread out the two pieces of fabric cut for the inner layer on top of the table.

We shall begin by joining them along the side seams.

Make sure the edges of both layers are aligned together.

You may now stitch the layers together along the 40 inch sides.

Start with a reverse stitch a quarter of an inch from the raw edge.

Maintain the seam allowance as you proceed to the other end.

Keep adjusting the layers of fabric to make sure that they are aligned properly as you stitch them down into position.

Cut the thread and stitch a seam joining the opposite ends as well.

Do the same for the other side.

Once this is done, make sure that your stitches are uniform.

We shall now hem the border of the inner layer.

To do this, mark a series of points an inch from the unstitched edge, as shown.

Mark 1 inch points along the length.

Once this is done, hold the top layer and fold down the edge so it falls on the one inch line, as shown.

Fold the top layer of the fabric inwards onto the one inch line.

Now, make a second fold and finger press to set a crease.

Pin the fabric as you fold along the entire length.

Continue doing this all the way around with the edge of both pieces.

Pin down the double fold all the way around.

We shall now stitch the fold in place.

Place the fold under the needle and start stitching along its inner edge, as shown.

Adjust the skirt in order to have only one of the two layers ready for the stitch.

Remove the pins as they approach the needle.

Continue stitching till you reach the starting point and finish with a reverse stitch.

Keep stitching till you reach the starting point.

Make sure the stitch is uniform all the way around.

You have now learned how to stitch the inner fabric layer of a tulle skirt.

Watch the next video to learn how to stitch a Tulle Overlay.


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