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How to make a Angrakha: 4/4 The Drawstrings

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In this video you will learn how to stitch a bias tape string for the Angrakha.

The string helps fasten the flap of the front right panel onto the left panel.

Watch the previous videos to start learning how to stitch an Angrakha.

Take a one end of a long strip of bias tape and fold the raw edges in towards the center, as shown.

Now, create one more fold along the center.

Place one end of the bias tape under the needle and stitch the folds together all the way to the other end.

Keep adjusting the folds in place as you proceed.

Cut the thread.

Now that the string is ready, you need to attach it it to the the left panel.

The string will be stitched to the point on the left panel that corresponds to the point from which the string on the right panel extends.

The two strings can thus be tied to each other.

Place the string on the specified point such that the loose end runs to the left of the garment and position it under the needle.

Stitch back and forth along the base of the string.

Now, fold the string back against the stitch you have just made and work back and forth over the base once again, as shown.

Cut the thread.

Check if the string is secure.

You may now tie the two strings together.

You have now learnt to make an Angrakha.


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