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How to Stitch a Jhabla: 4/5 The Side Seams

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In this video, you will learn how to stitch the side seams of a Jhabla.

Don’t forget to watch the previous video to learn how to stitch the Hem.

Align the raw edges along the side seam from the armhole to the hem.

Position the needle half an inch into the armhole and make a reverse stitch.

Maintaining half an inch from the raw edge for the seam allowance, proceed to stitch all the way down to the Hem.

When you reach the end, make another reverse stitch.

Stitch off the edge of the hem and cut the thread.

Make sure you have a consistent stitch.

Now, clip into seam allowance all the way upto the seam, at regular intervals along the curve, as shown.

so the neck is flexible.

Repeat the stitch on the other side and pull the right side of the garment out.

You have now learnt how to stitch the Hem of a Jhabla.

To learn how to stitch the drawstring, watch the next video.


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