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How to wind a bobbin

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In this video, you will learn how to wind thread around a bobbin using a bobbin winder.

First, raise the presser foot using the presser foot lifter.

The movement of the needle depends on the rotation of the balance wheel.

To wind the bobbin, loosen the stop motion screw on the balance wheel to stop the motion of the needle.

This will prevent the needle from breaking and also prevent any possible accidents.

Unlock the spool pin.

Take the spool of thread and insert it into the spool pin on top of the machine.

Fill the bobbin with a few rounds of thread by hand.

The thread should appear on the upper side, if it doesn't , repeat this step.

Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder with the left hand.

Press the bobbin winder-latch to hold the bobbin in place.

Pass the thread through the

Use the bobbin winder thread guide to make the winding easier.

bobbin winder thread guide which helps in guiding the thread.

Pull the balance wheel towards yourself and give movement to the machine by the treadle.

Another way of guiding the thread while winding, is by gently guiding the thread with your left and using the right hand to guide the position of the thread on the bobbin.

The winding level of the bobbin should be 1mm less than the side-plate of the bobbin.


The thread should be evenly wound around the bobbin.

Uneven winding of the thread on the bobbin, may lead to defective stitching or breaking of the thread.

You have now learnt to wind the thread around the bobbin.


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