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How to Make a Pattern for a Salwar: 2/2

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In this video you will learn how to make a pattern for the waistband of a Salwar.

As the name suggests, a waistband is a ring of fabric encircling and fitting the waist of a garment.

Don’t forget to watch the previous video to learn how to make a pattern for the Salwar pants.

Spread the pattern sheet flat on a table.

We shall start by marking the points that define the waistband.

This layout will provide guidelines for creating the pattern.

Mark point B, 22 inches along the edge from point A, which represents the corner.

AB = 22 inches .

Now, mark point C, 7 inches from A, along the side adjacent to AB.

AC = 7 inches .

Mark a point D, 7 inches from B, along the side opposite AC.

BD = 7 inches .

Mark a point E, 2 inches from A, towards C.

AE = 2 inches .

Mark a point F, 2 inches from B, towards D.

BF = 2 inches .

You may now proceed to draw the lines CD, EF and BD.

Next, we shall mark the seam allowance of the waistband where it will be joined with the rest of the Salwar.

Mark two distant points half an inch below the line CD.

Extend the lines AC and BD to the seam allowance line to create the points G and H, respectively.

Seam = 0.5 inches

Use two different colours for shading the seam line and the drawstring casing, as shown.

Start cutting the pattern along the seam allowance line.

Cut the extra bit of paper from the sides of the pattern.

You have now learnt how to cut a pattern for the waistband of a Salwar.

Watch the remaining videos to learn how to cut and stitch the Salwar.


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