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How to Stitch a Salwar: 4/5 The Inseam

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In this video you will learn how to stitch the inseams of a Salwar.

To learn how to stitch the hem, watch the previous video.

Once the hems have been stitched, you can proceed to stitch the inseams from the leg hole to the crotch.

Pick up the leg of the first layer of fabric and fold it in half such that both ends of the hem are held together, corners aligned.

Do the same for the other layer and pull the two ends apart such that the crotch points coincide.

Ensure that the crotch seam allowances face opposite directions by pinning them together in this way.

Pick up the hem of the first leg and align both layers together.

Measure an inch from the raw edge and place this point under the needle.

Start with a reverse stitch.

As you progress upwards towards the crotch, taper the inseam allowance down to half an inch.

Maintain the seam allowance along the inseam line all the way up to the crotch.

Readjust the two layers of fabric whenever they lose alignment.

Remove the pin holding the crotch seam allowances together as it approaches the needle.

Trail the stitch off the edge about 2 inches after the crotch point.

Cut the thread and repeat the steps along the inseam of the second leg.

Repeat the process on the other leg.

Make sure the stitches are intact with straight seam lines and apply a reverse stitch on the crotch seam before trailing off the edge.

You have now learnt how to stitch the inseams of a Salwar.

To learn how to stitch the drawstring watch the next video.


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